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51 DanielSchmid Good luck man! Good cause. perhaps perhaps
52 stevegottlieb please bring disc golf here! it is a great recreational activity and encourages an active lifestyle! thanks!    
53 GarrettLong more disc golf please!! no no
54 StephaniePullins DG4LIFE!! Hope everyone signs!!    
55 KevinDempsey This area has a need for more disc golf!    
56 BrandonWatson It would be great to have another course in the Midwest and would drive in tourism to the area as well as provide a physical activity for families and individuals to enjoy. N N
57 AndrewMeyer      
58 RyanNodpad Would be sweet with some Disc Golf parks! No No
59 billwieske always nice to see new courses, especially if they are in my home area. wish i could would love to help out.
60 MitchAlbrecht Let's continue supporting this sport and the growth.    
61 GreggStone      
62 JustinGoldsmith The more courses the better. Lets further the sport!    
63 FredericConard A fantastic sport always growing in popularity. If a course isn't in the county, you're missing out. No No
64 RichardWilson      
65 stevemeyer      
66 nickeubanks I hope you guys get enough names to accomplish your goals,gl to you   anyway i can
67 Andrewr St Clair county parks needs more disc golf!!! not at this time not at this time
68 JasonKreth   No. No.
69 DarrickGorenflo Hope you can get the courses in!! Maybe Maybe
70 MadisonColtharp      
71 JustinKingery I'm a PhD student, and disc golf helps me clear my head and stay healthy. I play as often as I can! There's not a more affordable or addictive sport in the world! No No
72 KevinWaring      
73 GarrettLarson More courses are good for the community. Lets see this get put in the ground. DGCR supports you.    
74 RobinPederson I live in Wisconsin, but I am always looking for new courses in border states to travel to and visit. no no
75 jayneels      
76 AndrewBoyd      
77 RichardMiller      
78 MikeSale      
79 StevenRamsey Support disc golf! no no
80 darrellrasmussen   no thank you no thank you
81 GregRobl The fastest growing sport needs to grow faster. no no
82 KrisCummings Disc golf is a great sport for everyone! I take my 6 & 5 yr old out all summer long!    
83 steveadkisson Would love to play dg in St. Clair not at this time if needed
84 LaurenKinnett Beautiful picture! no no
85 JimSenior      
86 MarkSliter Grow my chia pet GROW! no no
87 joshpatterson      
88 SamuelGoldenberg   sorry, i'm broke sorry, too far away
89 SamMoeller Go Disc Golf!    
90 RyanHolbrook      
91 adambedwell would love to see st. clair county get a course! no no
92 ScottPrihoda   No No
93 MatthewHorsman   No If I could I would
94 BenOverton      
95 JonathanDriggers   no no
96 EricLindsley   no no
97 ShawnDavis      
98 mattwieben      
99 SeanJohnson Disc golf is the driving reason that I would want to visit your state! There are only a handful of states in the Union that have so many high quality "destination courses." Give me one more reason to make the trip! no no
100 zacharybird