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351 cameronbavier We need a disc golf course! Very good family fun! no no
352 ryanglasshagel I support this couse no no
353 JeremyBoyd would love to win some free plastic but I'm really just all about seeing new course potential! no not local
354 JonathanSiska A Disc Golf course is a benefit to the parks system and to local residents.    
355 JordanMardis A free game that promotes a healthy lifestyle! What more can you ask for? Play Disc Golf! No No
356 AmandaGandy      
357 ChrisTimko      
358 MikeSolt      
359 EricMiller Great game. Wish there were more places to play. No No
360 TomDodson      
361 MarkSmith   No No
362 joshuaorsborn Let's bring this sport to the county, many places available to put up courses.    
363 DaleAlbright      
364 SamPugliese      
365 DaleAlbright   No No
366 JaysenBrandt      
367 AllysonBrandt      
368 MelissaBrandt   no no
369 DannyBrandt      
370 AndreaPugliese   no no
371 SamPugliese      
372 amandapugliese   no no
373 MatthewJones      
374 RobertGrooms      
375 DerekStockford      
376 KarenPhillips      
377 JeffHill      
378 charlesDuncan The best sport ever!! My kids love it!!    
379 seanMontgomery its great 2 hang out with buddy and its free   yes
380 SarahMontgomery      
381 SarahBond      
382 brianMontgomery      
383 conniefoster      
384 VanMaanen Frisbee Golf is good for everyone!    
385 LukeFleischmann   no yes
386 MatthewShattuck A better course would be awesome one that we can actually play whenever not just when school is out that bites if theres anything i can do to help speed up this process you can contact me at 810 887 7054 1 basket ? definatly
387 DwayneKay Would love another course in the area, and there's nothing near Marine City. This would fill a big void.   Yes
388 KevinCrampton   n n
389 AdamEckler      
390 davebardy      
391 RoryHuddas I grew up in West Michigan and we had several (4) disc golf courses within 15 min. I LOVED playing and now that we moved to Marysville 4 yrs ago I've missed it ever since. It's a free, realy fun and healthy thing to do. I would love to take my son   yes
392 RonaldCox I go to a University in the Flint area and disc golf is very popular there. Now we need some courses back here for the SC4 students. no yes
393 BradTaylor Great way to spread disc golf to other great areas No No
394 MichaelCampbell I would love more courses closer to home. This would be great.   Yes
395 JoanHorbes Grandparents, children, and grandchildren in our family would all like to have disc golf course. A course at Columbus Park or Goodells Park would work for us!