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301 ScottWhite A great sport that serves all members of a community at all times of the year. Promotes long term health. ++ Maybe No
302 JohnFink Any disc golf course is a good disc golf course! :) Not at this time. Not from TX.
303 RobBoskind Love disc golf and I am always looking for a new course    
304 KathyDunn   no no
305 TylerWalters Great sport that is growing in popularity. Great for the whole family. Allows for ample exercise and enjoy nature. Can also bring in business to local communities via torunaments and fundraisers. no no
306 bryanhuff I found discgolf a year ago and it has turned out to be a big part of my life now. It is a great way to stay active, have fun with the family, or even some stiff competition with some friends. It is a very fast growing sport that needs to keep growing.    
307 johnSurmann This would be a great asset to the community! no no
308 CliffGriswold      
309 CharlesEllis Hope you get the course.    
310 BrysonWilliams disc golf should be everywhere! i wish live in california
311 RossMcLeod Disc golf needs to be in as many areas as possible. No No
312 andrewsanders   no no
313 JessicaWatson Disc golf has been a great activity for our family and provides an activity for all age groups to enjoy. N N
314 colinbordner kensington metro park in Milford was shocked how much money came in via the disc golf scene.    
315 JohnHuss      
316 JerryDobbins Disc golf would be a great addition to area parks. I've worked with local parks departments and also with local scout groups on disc golf projects. This is truly a pastime that benefits all ages.    
317 JeffMeldrum      
318 KevinZane      
319 TylerSheehy   no no
320 TimBlanchet      
321 BretTuley      
322 ScottBates Disc Golf is a great way to spend time outdoors and also promote exercise.    
323 ChrisAdams      
324 DougWatson Disc golf is an excellent recreation activity for all ages, and installing a course can have a very low impact on its environment. Installing disc golf courses in your area will bring golfers in from all over the state.    
325 chrismiller spread the disc golf no no
326 bensparling Great Idea no no
327 ScottHulsebus great sport for the community. Can bring in money with tournaments and tourists coming in to play the course no  
328 TayG Disc Golf Is Good! I'm broke. I live a little over an hour away from the St. Clair County area, but I would drive to volunteer if the course was 18 holes or longer. Yes.
329 bradfrase      
330 MattKulp A disc golf course is a great way to use less than ideal park space and helps promote foot traffic in parks. No No
331 LisaKulp Disc golf is a great cheap form of exercise    
332 ChadGoodwin Disc golf would be a great asset to the park and citizens of St. Clair county. This has been proven time and time again throughout the country.    
333 CalebCriswell   No No
334 JackHeinz Good luck. No thanks No thanks
335 ShaynWoltz more courses is always a good thing not at this time I dont live in the area, sorry
336 RaymondGoans      
337 WillRoberts Disc golf courses are a popular, safe, and cost efficient use of public property that promotes healthy outdoor activity no no
338 TomJakinovich      
339 RoyceWelch      
340 HeathGandy      
341 kelseytoy I think disc golf is a great way to get people to enjoy your park. no no
342 stephenwelch good luck no no
343 MattAllman DISC GOLF COURSES ARE AWESOME!!! let them build!!! can't right now i don't live there
344 DavidAbraham   no no
345 bobbycorn Disc Golf is a great sport! no no
346 JoshMorton Disc golf is a great sport for the whole family to play together.    
347 ChristopherVannote DISC GOLF no no
348 PaulLee Disc Golf fosters terrific community, is a safe and low maintenance use of public land, and encourages a break from sedentary lifestyles. These are principles that every county should support! Yes Cannot
349 ZacMorton      
350 ThimReed Support for St. Clair County Disc Golf