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101 stephenschelp      
102 galenwhitley A great game and a sport for all ages!!    
103 leonbrewer good luck bro    
104 benosborne      
105 brettallen I'm a MI native and would love to have more courses to play when I come home! Good luck!!! no no
106 JesseDalton      
107 LanceSzatkowski Disc golf is a great hobby for all ages, and will bring nothing but great people to the parks.    
108 ZaneWilson Disk Golf is an awesome sport that almost anyone can play. A new course with good planning will bring in tourists who just want to play disc golf.    
109 ZacharyRaths good deal! no no
110 JimCook Good luck with the petition!    
111 BrianCook   no no
112 JeremiahJohnson Any new disc golf course is a plus! No No
113 JosephHarvick      
114 CurtisKnowles   cant today Cant
115 RobertUtterback      
116 PatBowles   not right now no
117 NickSzymczak   no no
118 CassidyMayne      
119 TylerPropst      
120 RonaldSuir      
121 skipperhamilton I take my family out to play about 3 times a week, I have 3 girls from ages 5 and down. They have fun they stay healthy and they watch less TV. Other Disc Golfers help pick up any trash that my be on the ground. can't can't
122 markvan maanen   no no
123 JesseBingham Disc golf is a great sport! Do it! No No
124 PeteMaher You need Disc Golf in St. Clair County    
125 RichYarges      
126 SebastianGrobe We definitely need more disc golf courses!! No No
127 JustinGoss Disc Golf is a fun and safe activity. It is also a good way to clean up parks that are known to be less reputable. Higher traffic through the park means fewer shady dealings going down.    
128 ChristianLamb      
129 CoryKing      
130 JoshHolder   No No
131 henryreid disc golf is a great asset to any park    
132 JasonAsseln great for the community no no
133 GregFerri Please allow these fine gentlemen to install a disc golf course in your parks.    
134 MichaelBarrieau Bring the best sport for ALL to St.Clair MI!!!! Good for all ages and sex!!!! From young to old, male to female and pets too!!!! Disc golf makes the world a better place to live in!!!!!    
135 Charles "Jeff"Nichols More disc golf courses equal a greater sense of community. NOTHING bad comes from putting in a disc golf course!    
136 ScottOverstreet Disc golf is a great family activity at a fraction of the cost of other sports. Get each member of the family a disc for $10.00-$15.00 each and that's it. no no
137 RickLeis      
138 RandyAllen      
139 BrianP      
140 clintmcdonald   no no
141 mikemiller   no  
142 jeremytowzley   no no
143 bryanpierce Disc golf is a great addition to the park. It is a great way to meet new people and get exercise at the same time. get to enjoy the nice weather and anybody at any age can play this sport. Will also attract people all over to come and play this sport. no no
144 DerekHaas      
145 MattPlett Please bring this to St. Clair County. No No
146 BrandonBueter      
147 JefferyNugent      
148 EricVogelpohl Also, a great way to use otherwise unusable land. Good luck!    
149 JayBinienda More courses the better! love this game!    
150 JonLonder Great to see people intersted in growing this sport. Fun, easy and best of all cheap!