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Disc Golf in St. Clair County Michigan. Show your support and sign up today!

St. Clair County park departments need our help in finding recreational activities for their parks.  Disc Golf can help make our parks a better place to visit.


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Disc golf is an environmentally friendly sport that fits nicely into a large park’s recreational offerings.  Disc golf is easy to learn, a healthy activity and is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, athletic abilities and economic situations.   It is a game played similar to ball-golf, using golf discs instead of clubs and golf balls.   Players start on a tee area and throw the golf discs, like a Frisbee, towards and ultimately into a target/basket, in the least amount of throws possible to complete the “hole”.   Players traverse the course using a course map and mark their score on a scorecard.   The player with the lowest score at the end of the round, wins, just like traditional golf.  


Anyone can enjoy disc golf and it has numerous benefits to the users and the parks.   A disc golf course is relatively inexpensive to install and maintain compared to other park facilities and projects.   Installing a disc golf course can also provide educational, charitable, and volunteer opportunities for county residents.  Many of the courses built around the world have been built by the help of volunteers.   A quality designed disc golf course will attract players new and old from all parts of the state, making our parks a destination to visit again and again.


There are hundreds of disc golf courses throughout Michigan .   Unfortunately St. Clair County only has a small and under-used nine-hole course behind a school in Port Huron .   Disc golf players in our region have no choice but to travel a far distance to other county parks to play the great game of disc golf.


Installing a disc golf course would benefit our parks system and give citizens a chance to discover what else we have to offer in our parks.


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